A Case Study in Collaboration and Buy-In:
How InCommon Federated Login Got Us Unstuck

HighEdWeb 2012

Changing Local and Global Identities:
Designing Classroom Architecture for the Future

Scuola Superiore G. Reiss Romoli Symposium, Italy
Infrastructure for e-Business, e-Education, e-Science, and e-Medicine on the Internet
By invitation, 2003

Teaching a New Tool or Teaching a New Medium?

High Tech/Low Concept: Does it have to be this way?
MidAmerica College Art Association

New Art, Old Art Forms

Technotopias: Texts, Identities, and Technological Cultures
University of Strathclyde, Glasglow, Scotland

New Art, Old Art Forms:
Interactivity as a Digital Art Signifer

Media: Old and New
Society for Literature and Science

Art-Making in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Philosophic Study of Contemporary Visual Arts
American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting

Architectural Detailing at Random:
An Interactive Artist-Made Book On-Line

WebNet 99

Reading Between the Lines and in the Margins:
Job Descriptions, Interdisciplinary Scholarship and the Liberal Arts College

Roundtable "A Brave New World: Questions of Margins and the Academic Marketplace"
Midwest/Modern Languages Association

Writing from the Palette:
Visual Literacy in the Digital Environment

Conference on Computers and Writing

Women and Technology:
Considering the Enduring Spirit of May Sarton and Judy Chicago

The Enduring Spirit: Women as They Age

The Transformed and Transforming Image in the Shift from Print to Digital Culture

American Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Division Annual Meeting

Teaching and Learning in an Ever-Changing Technological Environment

Creating the Quality School

Presentational Documents:
Using Scanned Images and Alternative Paper Supports

Northwest Council for Computer Education

Developing a New Design Tradition:
A Look at Gener-Inclusive Participation

Michigan Women's Studies Conference on Women and the Media

The Creative Process as Methodology for Exploring Feminist Experience

GLCA Women's Studies Conference

Images of Women in Film

GLCA Women's Studies Conference

The more articulate one is, the more dangerous words become.

—May Sarton