This artist-made book was created using close-up Polaroids taken during house renovations in Random Lake, Wisconsin in 1986.  Random Lake is a small community located about 45 miles north of Milwaukee.  Local people talk about what goes on in Random Lake as being at Random. Hence one aspect of the name of the book, "Architectural Detailing at Random."

During the time period when I shot these photographs, I was working on my M.F.A. at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  in graphic design with an emphasis in artist-made books.  I loved moving these Polaroids around in different visual combinations and wanted to design a book that invited the viewer to see the images in a number of variations while also inviting the viewer to  devise his or her own variations.  This sense of a book without finite limits is another play  on "at random." Because Polaroids are a one-of-a-kind medium, the design implications for creating such a book were formidable, and it was one of many good ideas that I abandoned in an effort to finish the degree.

I first considered the possibilities  of hypertext in 1991 when I attended a conference sponsored by Apple, although I didn't start working with students on designing web pages until 1995.  It slowly dawned on me that a hypertext environment is an ideal one for looking at images in a variety of combinations and for inviting the viewer to participate in creating other variations, "at random"  or deliberately.  It is a less ideal environment, however,  for controlling color and maintaining image integrity.  For best viewing, a monitor set at a 832 x 624 pixel size is recommended. The site is also best viewed with Netscape in a Macintosh environment.

Please browse the artist gallery and then visit the interactive galleries where other viewers have submitted work which I curated for this exhibit.  And finally, visit the studio and create your own variations, sending your best for inclusion in one of the interactive galleries.
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